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Project #27

Timeless Simplicity: Classical Minimalism Unveiled in Maplewood Bathroom Remodel

Discover the allure of classical minimalism with Contempo Construction’s latest transformation in the heart of Maplewood. Our client envisioned a bathroom that marries classical elegance with the serenity of minimalism, inviting us to create a space that embraces simplicity without sacrificing sophistication.

The design team meticulously curated a bathroom where clean lines and uncluttered spaces took center stage. Classical elements, from a gracefully designed pedestal sink to subtle molding details, provide a touch of timeless charm. A standalone clawfoot tub becomes a focal point, embodying both simplicity and grace.

Soft, neutral tones and carefully selected fixtures contribute to the overall sense of calm and tranquility. This Maplewood bathroom serves as a testament to the beauty found in simplicity, offering a retreat that stands the test of time. Contempo Construction is delighted to present a space that harmonizes classical aesthetics with the purity of minimalism, creating a bathroom that is both refined and effortlessly elegant.



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