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Project #25

leek Modernity: Maplewood's Epitome of Stylish Bathroom Innovation

Step into the future of bathroom design with Contempo Construction’s latest project in Maplewood – a 100% modern and stylish overhaul that sets a new standard for contemporary luxury. Our client’s vision was clear: a bathroom that transcends conventional boundaries, embracing cutting-edge design and sophisticated style.

Our expert team seamlessly brought this vision to life, incorporating sleek lines, minimalist fixtures, and innovative materials. The focal point of this modern oasis is a freestanding soaking tub, exuding both luxury and functionality. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels enclose a spacious shower, creating an open and airy atmosphere.

The carefully selected color palette and high-end finishes complete the look, turning this bathroom into a true masterpiece of modern design. Contempo Construction is proud to present a Maplewood bathroom that not only meets but exceeds the standards of contemporary style, setting a new benchmark for elegance and innovation in the realm of modern living



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