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Project #22

Bespoke Bathroom Renovation in Maplewood: Embracing Elegance and Comfort

Contempo Construction undertook a unique bathroom renovation project, weaving together elements of luxury and comfort. Engaged by a discerning client seeking a distinctive transformation, we set out to redefine the space with a touch of sophistication.

The client’s aspiration for a luxurious ambiance guided our design process. Straying from convention, we curated a bathroom that seamlessly blends opulence and functionality. The focal point became a freestanding soaking tub, invoking a sense of indulgence, complemented by a spacious walk-in shower that exudes modernity.

Every detail, from the carefully selected tiles to the ambient lighting, was thoughtfully orchestrated to craft a space that transcends the ordinary. The result is a uniquely tailored bathroom that captures the essence of elegance and comfort. Contempo Construction takes pride in delivering not just a renovated space, but an experience that transforms everyday rituals into moments of luxury in Maplewood.”



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