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Project #07

Whole Home Remodeling in Mesquite, TX

Contempo Construction had the privilege of spearheading a comprehensive transformation for our client, who sought a fresh start by remodeling his entire home. Motivated by a desire for change in his life, our client entrusted our team with the monumental task of creating a space that would be a harmonious blend of classic minimalism with a modern touch.

Our designers embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, carefully curating a design that struck the perfect balance between timeless elegance and contemporary flair. The entire home underwent a meticulous makeover, from the architecture to the interior details, ensuring a seamless fusion of classic and modern elements.

The result is a stunning, cohesive living space that not only met but surpassed our client’s expectations. The classic, minimalistic style seamlessly integrates with modern touches, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional home that reflects the client’s vision for a new chapter in his life. This project is a testament to Contempo Construction’s ability to translate clients’ aspirations into reality, leaving our client with a beautiful, modern, and minimalistic home to call his own.


Mesquite, TX

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